Around Town Today

The girls and I took our van full of rubbish to the local recycling centre and then we drove on into town for a bit of shopping and some lunch.

As usual I took my camera and, for a change, I went all black and white.

There were two enormous cruise ships visiting – Le Boreal (foreground) and MSC Orchestra (behind).  Le Boreal had come from Kirkwall (Orkney) and was on its way to Portree (Skye).  MSC Orchestra had come from Bergen and was going to Akureyri (Iceland).  I wanted to catch a lift.

The street was humming.  It has really struggled recently.

It was wonderful to see so many people about.

Now there are many new shops and restaurants opening up.  Diversification away from the Temple of Tesco may be the way forward.  Its presence has affected many Shetland businesses.

I hope the visitors enjoyed their day in Shetland, leaving with happy memories of a very special place.

Here are two shop windows from Jamiesons of Shetland (a wool mill down the road from me in Sandness and this is their shop in Lerwick).  They caught my eye.

Brilliant – very clever and imaginative – hence the colour pictures to show the wonderful wool colours they create.

It is always good to have a day out.

4 thoughts on “Around Town Today

  1. Carol E

    A goat on a flexi-leash near building scaffolding? That seems like an opportunity for spectacular trouble!

    Thank you for the Mirrie Dancers window photo. That’s a nod toward the knitted hat design for Shetland Wool Week in the fall, I think. What a clever way to show their wool colours.

  2. Louise Stopford

    Nice to know that the town is doing well now and you seem to have lots of visitors which will be good for trade. Those lucky people will certainly be taking some magical memories home with them. Oh how I would love to see Shetland!!


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