A Morning with Lambie

After breakfast, Puzzah was being a bit of a butting berk so I asked Lambie if he wanted to join us for our morning cup of tea.  He didn’t need asking twice.  I love spending time with my little boy.  We have a very special relationship.

Inspired by my great company and Classic FM on the iPad, these two nodded off.  Incidentally, Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony (No. 6 in F major, Op. 68) was playing which seemed rather fitting.  No, seriously, it was.  I love it when music fits the mood.

As I write, my darling BeAnne is on her third bath in as many days.   Bunny digging.  So much bloody earth all over my bathroom, that’s all I will say.

I am depressed muchly but on a plus side the bathroom has never looked so clean – thank you Daisy!

Meanwhile, Monster is doing fine.

He is definitely one of the family with no intention of leaving, which is lovely.

Also, Lambie has employment so I was taking photos for his biography.

He is a brand Lamb-assador (see what I did there, geddit?)

I spent the morning looking for his good side.

Of course, Lambie got his best Garbo out!

A bijoux Winning Smile (WS).

Lambie’s interested interview face.

Looking straight into the camera with a hint of WS (Winning Smile).

Lambie is secretly still a Mummy’s Boy.  It was one of those perfect mornings spent with friends.

6 thoughts on “A Morning with Lambie

  1. Nancy

    Lovely photos!
    I love this morning with Lambie!
    Maybe you should do a whole series, A Morning with ‘Bert next?

  2. Linda

    I love Lambie, but it is (still) SO good to see BeAnn back to her old self!!
    (and Monster a true member of the family…)


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