Our Day

Today there has been nothing but rain which is good for the grass and also myself.

The rain made me stay inside and try to sort out my new-to-me computer.  Yesterday I stupidly managed to erase the entire hard drive – perhaps not my best moment.

Having struggled a bit this morning with trying to reinstall an entire operating system that took all night to download, I wanted to do something more than just sit indoors.  So we decided to clear all the mess out that we had acquired over the winter months. I drove the van into the indoor school and we started sorting and clearing.

The family helped.

Everyone cleared the school and the stable.

I cleared out the container.

We filled the van.

And tomorrow we will go off to the Recycling Centre in Lerwick to unload the van.  I think we deserve chips for this effort.

Our glamorous life!

It felt very good to do this clear-up.  It has been on my to-do list for a while.

Now, with the help of painkillers, I am back at my computer trying to make it like the old one was before it died.


8 thoughts on “Our Day

  1. Teresa

    Good luck with your back and getting your computer back on track! I’m thinking of Shetland today because my in-laws are on a cruise and the itinerary says they’re in Lerwick today. I’ll have them wave hi in your general direction! I wish I was there to gobble up nose kissies.

    1. Frances Post author

      Ooh, you should’ve said – I could’ve nipped down with a Minion and Lambie for nosekisseys x

  2. Sam

    Spring Cleaning is hard work but oh so rewarding (chips count). Good luck with trying to master the computer. Sometimes technology is wretched.

  3. May

    Is there someone on island who can help you make a clone of your hard drive? This means, before doing any major back up or data migration, you have an exact copy of the drive as it is now. (You can use an external hard drive or maybe a cloud service to put it on.) Now, if things go squirrely, just restore from the clone, instead of starting from ground zero. (If you knit this is sort of like using a “life line” when knitting lace.) Occasionally making a complete backup is also prudent in case a hard drive fails or lighting strikes, or maybe Sky Lab falls on the computer. All of you operating system, applications, and data will be there for you.

    1. Frances Post author

      I could do that but I don’t want my photos as they then make the clone too big. My new HD is one third the size of the old one.

      1. May

        You could move your photos off the drive first (and create a photo backup) and then clone it. There are free places to park your files, like Google Drive. Also (at least in the US), newegg.com is a good place to look for an external hard drive that’s large enough to back up all your photos. As circumstances permit, your computer’s internal hard drive can be replaced with something larger, so you can fit all of your files on it.

  4. Louise Stopford

    Having a good clear out always makes you feel better – it’s just getting motivated to do it. Hope you sort out your computer without too much hassle. Nice to see that Monster’s earning his living and helping out with the family chores.

  5. Linda

    Good for you, doing a Spring Clean!
    And it’s so nice to see BeAnn up and about, not to mention Monster most definitely being a part of the family and helping out..,
    Good luck with your new computer!


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