Around the Croft

A lovely huge rainbow appeared this morning while I was feeding the ducks, hens and sheep.  I rushed inside to find my camera only to find the rainbow had diminished to this by the time I came out again.  Still, it was fairly good. I do like a rainbow.

After breakfast, I said I wanted to move the duck pond and re-gravel the bit up to the school as the ducks are making it very slippy for both people and horses and it will only be a matter of time before I end up on my arse.

The pond was moved and refilled and the ducks are now being lured to go near it again.  They are always very resentful of change and now mooch about in their usual place looking furious.  I will feed them in the mornings near their pond and hope they get used to it, get over themselves and go for a swim.  The new place is much better.

After lunch, I rode Klængur in the school. Recently I’ve noticed he is lacking basic good manners and schooling. Daisy gave me a lesson and then, as we were whizzing around totally out of control, she asked if she could get on. I did not say no.

And then Daisy, of course, got him going very nicely.

When she offered to regularly school Klængur for me, I definitely didn’t say no!

On my way back with Klængur to his field (I told him, as he couldn’t be nice, he would have to deal with Daisy – so another resentful animal), I saw these very pretty duck feathers.

So, that’s me and that’s hopefully Klængur sorted in the next few weeks.

3 thoughts on “Around the Croft

  1. Sam

    Lovely rainbow. As for the ducks and Klaengur – seems that might be taking your good nature for granted.
    You have the opposable thumbs and they do not.

  2. Robin Malloy

    I thoroughly enjoy your daily blog. I am commenting from Hershey, Pennsylvania. I wanted to take a felting class at one of our local museums, but the Covid but a stop to that. Stay safe. And thanks for making some of my days much brighter.


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