We Cling On

This week for BeAnne has been down and and then a bit up.  Last weekend, she started hefty diuretics which resulted in wet bed, wet floor, wet everything but good news, the fluid on her lungs went. She must’ve pee’ed it out.

Her Maj was very unhappy and unwell and I started her on CBD oil because we had run out of options. It did help her mentally, but also gave her diarrhoea.  On Tuesday I phoned the vet with an update and admitted to the CBD oil.  She wanted bloods so we could have a better idea of what was going on.  We did that and the results were terrible – kidneys bad and liver function off the chart.

But the vet had a case conference with the head of practice and they decided we had been here before and come back from it so there was a chance.  They changed BeAnne’s meds.

And things have been much better.  Now she has a combined heart/diuretic, alternate days of steroids, the cbd oil – the lactulose is reduced (or stopped) and stopped the antibiotics. Things are on a more even keel now and yesterday was a good day – she spent it barking at all intruders (imaginary or real) and stealing cat food.

I left Her Maj outside pottering around the croft while I went to check on the Minions.

Note the abandoned pond!  Bar-steward ducky-wuckies.

After lunch, we went for a nice little walk into the hill.

BeAnne was running about properly.

She enjoyed sniffing for pesky bunny rabitses.

So we have a bit of normal life back and that is a huge bonus.

A friend asked me how BeAnne was getting on and I burst into tears and couldn’t talk about it. I can’t without feeling sick and crying.  I hadn’t realised how much pressure this is putting on us but I just can’t get my head around the alternative.  As long as BeAnne is enjoying life, we still keep on going because it is all I can cling to (and now I’m crying all over again).

13 thoughts on “We Cling On

  1. Judith Garbutt

    So sorry that it’s such a difficult time but lovely that Her Maj has, yet again, picked up and is enjoying herself. xx

  2. Simone

    Sending much love and best wishes for you and Beanie from down South. Good to hear the old girl has perked up a little. xx

  3. Cathy

    Lovely to see her enjoying her walk on the hill. For her, life is perfect when she has you and can sniff out bunnies. (And steal Monster’s food)

    Love and healing vibes to you all.

  4. June

    My heart goes out to you and your family Frances – since coming to Shetland five of our beautiful girls have gone. Take some comfort in knowing you are giving BeAnne all the love and care you possibly can and the last kindness you can give her is deciding she will not suffer. That decision is heartbreaking but you will make it for her because you love her. Be strong for your girl.
    Big hug to you all
    June xx

  5. Shelley

    You and BeAnne are amazing! It seems a miracle that she keeps bouncing back. It must be quite a roller coaster ride for you but worth it: so worth it!

  6. Sam

    Been down this winding road before. Take any success you get and celebrate it. Take your frustration at not having a Universal Translator for Dog and chuck out the window. Know others have been in your shoes and need no explanation. For me, coming up on 1 yr since Mr.Man left us. So Little Miss Maine Coon Cat sends you deep throaty purrs.


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