Lilja is truly stunning.

She followed me back to the gate after I had checked, fed, kissed, hugged and did it all at least three times again, everyone else in her field.

So, to thank her for her true devotion, I took some photos of her uphill while I stood in a ditch.  Whatever it takes for a good photo.

The view on my way home was dramatic. “Winter is coming” – in my book, it is already here.

Once home, Daisy and I thought we would give the old men a whirl in the indoor school to see what like they were.  We haven’t ridden either of them for a while.  One thing and another – that’s our excuse.

Anywho, Iacs was most keen on this riding idea.

While Haakon feigned mild interest but was then very whizzy once I was onboard.  It was great fun and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Iacs is a glass half full kinda guy!   You can tell.

Monster and Her Maj were also mooching around mouse-hunting.  It was just like old times.

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