Any Minute Now!

Brá is ready to burst now.

Any minute now.

My money is on either tonight or first thing tomorrow morning there will be an new set of hooves arriving.

She says her foal could not come a day too soon now, please, thank you!

Meanwhile, in the Maternity Unit, all is very well.

Hetja looks like a supermodel.

And Bebbie’s ears are ridiculous!

They are very out of proportion and rather noticeable.

As someone who spent her childhood worrying about very sticky-out ears (my own), I can totally relate to bebbie!  Loving the in-between-ear tuft too.

Perhaps Bebbie will grow into them!

Mother and daughter obviously adore each other.

Little one is stretching out now and working out what her legs do.

Methinks she has some kind of pace (very exciting to see, this early).

I love the way she copies her mother as they go up the hill.

Step for step.

In perfect synchronisation.

So, the “midwives” are on hand.  Ready, waiting and always helpful.

I doubt I will get much sleep tonight.

(I’ll keep you posted!)

6 thoughts on “Any Minute Now!

  1. Beverly

    Oh, how exciting!! Your newbie is just beautiful…perfect!! I wanted to leave you a message. I read your every post and have enjoyed your blog since finding it last year. We just returned from Iceland where I got to enjoy these horses first hand. They are such a lovely breed….and oh, so photogenic!! To ride the Tölt was a blast….enough to convince me that I need an Icelandic horse of my own. I am loving these baby photos…keep them coming!!

  2. Sam

    Bebbe is lovely, what with her silly ears and middle tuftting. Will keep checking back on Bra (poor lady!).
    Glad the Midwives are on duty.

  3. Terri

    Thanks so much for today’s photos — what a little darling Hetja’s Bebbie is! I think her ears are adorable. Everything comes in different sizes. This is the foal you felt move last week, isn’t it? Now for the next addition to the Maternity Unit, tick, tock, tick, tock….In the meantime, sweet dreams!

  4. Linda

    Mother and Bebbie look so perfect together – that Hetja is one heck of a mom!

    Checking in (way) more often now, to see how Bra is coming along. Hang in there, Bra!!!

  5. Nancy

    Hang in there, Bra!

    Oooooo, mommy and bebbie! Sooooooooooo cute!
    Keep the photos coming! I won’t tire of them anytime soon! =D

    (I hope you get some naps inbetween all the checking on Bra!)

  6. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    That baby is a real beaut! Love those ears too!!! How interesting that she got the color of her mama in her ears!!! Can’t wait to hear about Bra’s little one any hour now! Exciting times for you! Thanks for sharing everything with us!


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