Welcome to the World…..

So, I check the ladies every couple of hours while it gradually gets lighter in the morning (02:00, 04:00, 06:00 and then when we get up).

Daisy was out at 08:30 to muck out and saw nothing.  I followed shortly and saw an extra four legs!

So, I screamed around the house that we had a foal, went to find Daisy (she was dutifully mucking out her boys) and, armed with my camera, we went out to investigate and hopefully meet our new arrival.

Love at first sight from us all.

Hetja did this last time with Hjalti.  No evidence of an imminent baby arrival and then, suddenly, an extra little person in the field.

And look, look at her ears!  (Yes, she is a filly)

They are lined with chestnut fur.

I really hope this stays. She is special.

Clever, clever Hetja.  She managed everything on her own.

The others were well aware something had happened. Taktur raced up and down the fence occasionally (well electrified now!)

A few hours later, Bjørn, our trainer and neighbour, came over.

And this is how lovely Hetja is.  The communication is huge between her and her bebbie.

She is the best Mum ever and bebbie trusts us.

A sweetheart.

Brá is due any minute.  Hetja keeps her near by but has an eye on her all the time.  Poor Brá has that look.  The one of someone who is very bored of being very, very pregnant!  Any minute now, I think.

Hetja’s little one is showing her gaits already.

(photo overload)

The woolly babysitters have introduced themselves.

I probably don’t have to tell you just how much we are all in love with our new little filly foal.

She is the very definition of divine and Hetja is the best mother (I am still trying to get my head around those ears – they are truly wonderful)

29 thoughts on “Welcome to the World…..

  1. Sam

    CONGRATS on the new girl! LOVE her ear tufts! How very exciting for all concerned.
    Can’t wait to learn her name.

  2. m in nc (USA)

    Congratulations! What a lovely filly 🙂
    Since her foal coat is grey, will she shed out dark brown or black?
    Those ear tufts are fascinating!

    M in NC

  3. Linda

    Oh, how exciting! (I loved that lead-up in the first photos). She’s absolutely beautiful, and I love those ears as well; you know who mom is, don’t you!

    Any name yet?

    And good thoughts and wishes for Bra: I’ve seen that look on a couple of girlfriends in my day…

  4. Karlz

    Absolutely beautiful foal, her ear tufts are lovely. I can’t wait to see Brá and her baby. Take care x

  5. Paddy

    I found a couple of pics on Google images of black Icelandics (well, one was black and white) who had the chestnut inside ear tufts – so let’s hope she keeps them. 🙂 She’s lovely!

  6. Judith Garbutt

    Another gorgeous resident!! All the photographs are lovely but the last one is breathtakingly beautiful!

  7. Terri

    Oh, this is absolutely wonderfu!! Bebbie is so beautiful! And don’t worry about overload on the photos, please keep them coming! (can’t get enough!) This post brought a lump to my throat and put a big smile on my face (esp. Lambie introducing himself). Many ooohs and awwwws from this side of the pond. Congrats!

    I’m currently editing a manual on equine communication, and I find it fascinating that the others in your herd already know there is “news”!
    PS Here’s hoping for a successful (and soon) delivery for lovely Brá. xo

  8. Roberta Earley

    congrautalions to that clever girl and yourselves… and you have a name Sweetheart..translated..

  9. Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth

    How wonderful. Thank you for sharing so quickly.

    Love her little dorsal stripe – almost a pity to think it’ll grow out.

  10. Darby

    reading this with tears of joy! congratulations, she is just beautiful. love to her and her Momma, to all of you

  11. Nancy

    Oh yay!! CONGRATULATIONS on your new little family member!!
    She is so cute, with her chestnut ears!!

    You got some wonderful photos of Mom and filly together, by the way!!
    The last one is especially wonderful. sigh.

    Just waiting on Bra now…hee hee!

  12. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    Wow….congratulations on your new little filly foal….what a beauty and I love those ears!!! And Mama did it all by herself without your help! That had to be amazing to walk over there and discover four extra little legs!!!! very exciting! Thanks for the wonderful pictures….I could have looked at twenty more.
    All the best to your new little baby and her mama. Now hoping Bra won’t be far behind!

  13. Kate Burton

    What a lovely little girl! The boys are lovely, but I’m so glad you have a filly – a Beautiful Princess to balance out all the Handsome Princes you have <3

  14. Louise Stopford

    What absolutely beautiful photo’s of your new gorgeous baby. No wonder you are all smitten – what a sweetheart and what a good, clever mother she has (doing it all herself with no help). Exciting times for your family indeed – enjoy.


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