And Another Arrival

I woke up at 02:00 this morning.  I had a feeling.

Looking out of the window, I could see one dark coloured horse on the horizon standing up with possibly another.

So, wellies on, a coat over my Minion jimjams and, armed with a torch, I went out to check on Brá.  The birds were singing beautifully and it was just starting to get light.

She had her foal and they were both up and running.  Perfect.

I found the afterbirth – it looked fine.  So I left them all to it.  Hetja and her little one were one end of the field and Brá and her new bebbie were at the other.

I would find out more in the morning.

And so, this morning, after all chores were done, Daisy and I went to see who the storks had brought.

Brá is a shy mare. Over the past months, I have spent many hours working with her gaining her trust.  We have an understanding.

So, leaving Daisy and my camera behind, I approached, talking her language, gave her a carrot and had a quick check of her foal.

A beautiful colt and he is gorgeous.

We are truly blessed.

Little one does not have “The Ears” but he does have “The Legs” and moves like a dream.  Again, it is likely he is five-gaited and he is very, very black in colour.  Much darker than Hetja’s bebbie girl.

A certain someone is desperate to talk to her new half-brother.

I can’t wait for them to meet.  It won’t be long.

15 thoughts on “And Another Arrival

  1. Sam

    Congrats on two healthy Bebbes and relieved Mums! Must be a weight off your shoulders that both births went well. Can’t wait to learn their names.

  2. Linda

    How exciting – and how in tune you are with your ponies, what intuition you have about them!

    Good for Bra, a BEAUTIFUL boy and no more waiting. It’s going to be so sweet to see the new mamas and their bebbies together…

  3. Carol Wood

    So pleased to hear that both Mum’s have had good foalings (? is that a word?) and both little ‘uns are healthy. Well Done!!!

  4. Terri

    Thrilling news! Bebbie is beautiful — and a colt! How lucky you are that these two equine mums did it all on their own, and the foals are up and running! Can’t wait to see the meet-and-greet photos when it’s time. Everyone at Thordale will surely sleep soundly tonight…. **whew!**

  5. Darby

    what a beautiful addition to your equine family. he is stunning! so glad both births went so well.

  6. Judith Garbutt

    So pleased both births went smoothly. Looking forward to lots of foalie pictures! (As well as lots of Newt and Albie and all the others too.)

  7. Nancy

    Glad to hear that Bra finally had her little one!!

    Now I hope you and Daisy can have a good night’s sleep!

    Keep the photos coming! This is so exciting for us as well!

  8. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    Hooray your newest babe has arrived and this time it’s a little colt! Congratulations to all of you and to Bra too! How fun to see these beautiful pictures…..can’t wait until the two little ones meet. So glad everything went well. Thanks for the terrific blog and such fun good news!

  9. Susan

    What beautiful babies and so lucky to have each other for company, what mischief they will be able to get up to together, and what great mums they have. Lucky you to be surrounded by so many wonderful fur kids. The midwives obviously did a good job of looking after everything.


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