These are my flower photos for calmness.

I have terrible anxiety at the moment and I am not coping well with it.

I am just about to bring everyone (Shetland pony) home so I can try and monitor all the food going in. It is raining slightly now and I am scared the grass will just explode into growing and Storm will start slowing down, showing signs of laminitis as he gets fatter.

I had to go into town today and drop off more sheep and lambs.  I can’t keep up with the demand. Stressed, I then left town forgetting the other reason I was going in – dammit.  I even had a ruddy list, which I kept consulting, but I had forgotten to put it on.  Luckily OH is going in tomorrow so he can sort that out.  My brain has seized up and I hate feeling like this.

There are other things going on too so here are my calming, peaceful, relaxing flower photos that might bring my over-thinking down a level.

My first sundew in the hill – huzzah!  Favourite plant.

Sorry for the whinge.  Someone once told me that all I did was whinge so I try really hard not to but today I am because that’s all I have.

21 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. Jan Knight

    Whinge on Frances, looking at what you have had to contend with recently , poorly ponies , Klanguer died ( sorry about the spelling) . Just try and slow down a little ( l know it’s difficult) do as many felted animals as you can manage in a couple of hours then stop. Just do your thing and all will sort out itself. Take care.x

  2. Christine

    When I get really stressed, some times the only thing that helps is a little pill 🙂 I say whatever is a temporary fix and gets you moving forward.
    PS. I also make lists and forget to look at them once I’m out and about. Of course, that’s if I even remember to bring the list!
    Your flower photos are lovely.

  3. Celeste Nossiter

    Beautiful flower photos, thanks for posting them, I enjoy them so much. I have suffered from anxiety all my life. With meds it’s mostly better but sometimes I just lose it too. Be kind to yourself, things change, tomorrow is another day. Hugging animals always helps me, or just sitting in the barnyard watching the herd just BE. You will find your way through this.

  4. carol

    Just go get the ponies and bring them home, one less worry to worry about. They will sulk but just ignore them.

  5. Annie vanderven

    Can I say I understand I don’t know how you handle all your 4 footed friends as I am sure they feel like your children and they depend on you for their welfare and they cant tell you what is wrong so you have to be even more vigilant. Hopefully the flowers lifted your sprit a bit. Hang in there.

  6. Rebecca Final

    Your photograph of the deep pink flowers in front of the stone wall and then the stone building in the distance (sorry, I don’t know the proper Shetland name for it, but it’s gorgeous), stopped me in my tracks. I would hang that photograph in my house just because it makes me incredibly happy.

  7. darby callahan

    anxiety is part of life. You have so many creatures you are responsible for and love, so no wonder you feel overwhelmed . There are some who’s lives you have saved. do whatever it takes to feel better. seeing the beautiful flowers makes me feel better. sharing one’s worries also helps, so whinge away. if you can find something to take to ease the stress fine. be kind to yourself.

  8. Judith Garbutt

    I worry myself silly about one little Shetland pony; having to worry about so many would have me reduced to a jibbering wreck. And you have the additional worry of the ‘oldies’, as well as feed costs, vets, farriers and equine dentist’s bills …. It’s little wonder that you are feeling stressed. Your lovely photographs are a source of pleasure to me every evening so thank you for managing to produce the blog despite the way you are feeling. I hope that once you have the ponies home, you will get some relief from the constant worry.xx

  9. diane in northern wis

    Thank you for the pics of such beautiful flowers. I’m praying that things will be better for you very soon, Frances.

  10. Kris

    Timely…”The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommends screening adults ages 18 to 64 years for anxiety”

    Never heard of this organization but it made the news today. Not that it would help you feel better, just know that you are not alone.

    You are responsible for so many beings, which would make any caring person feel anxious. Try to get more sleep. That may not be easy but it does help.


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