One Escapee

This morning, I was greeted by only two little innocent Shetland ponies still in their little field. We were minus one.  Waffle.

He had managed to escape.

According to OH, Waffle had made a Waffle-shaped space where the hurdle is securely tied to the shed.  I have no idea how he did this. I lugged a large rock to block any more escapes.

I have no idea how long Waffle had been out and about but at least Tiddles and Albie didn’t go too.  They didn’t want to do “bad things”. So sweet.

There might have been assistance from outside.  I’m not pointing fingers but I won’t lie, it seems pretty obvious to me.

So feeling generous, I opened up a little bit more of the small paddock which has a bit of old grass and docks that was quickly eaten down. I told them once it’s gone, it’s gone.

I also moved the big water bucket so it can be shared by all as well as being filled with the hose so now I don’t have to lug any more buckets of water.

I am optimistic (or stupid) that Waffle won’t tip it up or dance in it.

That should save my back a bit.

Anyway, Waffle is not remotely sorry but seemed quite happy to return to his friends.  Back to their strict régime then.

5 thoughts on “One Escapee

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    I guess there’s never a dull moment around you. I hope all is going well and that you’re not working too hard. Please don’t exhaust yourself making sheeples. Naughty Waffle! But it all looks beautiful. Enjoy!.

  2. Nancy

    I was in Shetland last two weeks of April and gratefully seized on the Sheeple that were on offer. Awesome work! They keep me company on my desk while I work at home (and check into your blog). Lovely photos (esp. the calming ones).


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