New Hobby

I think it’s good to have a hobby. It keeps the mind occupied.

The incarcerated Minions’ hobbies include tipping up the water buckets, despite my best efforts, as well as sticking their noseys through the gate and then successfully untying, to throw around, any haynet I anchor down in their hayboxes with knots worth of Houdini.

They are settled in their wee paddock and shed.

The shed has been a god-send.  It is lovely and cool in this hot weather with very few midges or flies.  However, for me, outside the midges have been hellish today.

Anywho, back to new hobbies.  This is Iacs’ latest.

On the pretext of wanting to chat, he likes to hang over the fence and play face biting with anyone who is up for it.

Today it was Waffle and Tiddles’ turn.  I think they gave as good as they got and it is an endless source of amusement for both teams.

Albie is less keen as he is not very good at interaction with others.  He is not that type of chap. Never has been. I think it is because he was an orphan.  He lacks essential social skills, despite Fivla’s best teaching.

My role is waitress. I turn up with food and drink about five times a day, while mucking out as I go.  OH kindly mucks out every morning for me, which is another god-send.  Everyone is very into their soaked fibre-block, which is their afternoon meal.  Iacs obviously has to have a bowl too.

As does anyone else who turns up.

Iacs basically wants anything anyone else is having. That’s one of his new hobbies – wanting – that and biting Minions in a playful and non-damaging way.

3 thoughts on “New Hobby

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    Well it all looks wonderful. Just sorry to hear about the midges. There was a certain bath oil skin product sold by a door to door company that I always found very, very effective in keeping midgets and mosquitoes off of me. You probably know the one I mean, but if you haven’t tried it, it’s definitely worth ago


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