Another Shed

The routine is the same. We go out early to walk the dog on the municipal golf course that surrounds the house.  The golfers arrive as the sun rises.

Still, the Autumn colours are beautiful and as we don’t have trees like this in Shetland, I do enjoy the walk.

There is such a glorious variety of hues.

Is it going to be a harsh winter?

I do hope not but I was brought up with the folklore that an abundance of holly berries is a definite sign.

So will there be snow?  Lots of it by the look of the berries.

We had a good breakfast (just the one today!), and into the shed I went.  Nothing scares me these days.  Mum wanted me to find a trunk of old family photos and another marked “diaries” so in I plunged.

Like Captain Oates…. I am just going outside (well, inside actually), I may be some time”

I came out with the wooden trunk of photos (Mum and I have been going through them ever since. It is fascinating) plus I rescued a box of china in which I found this curious ewer/jug/pitcher.

Mum wondered if it was a vinaigrette because it has a strainer on the spout.

With handpainted flowers, porcelain, 8″ high (approx), gilding and background are transfer print.  Probably 19th century.

No mark on the base, but a number – 7861

Sadly missing a lid.

So, if you have any ideas, please say.  It is very pretty.

A really good day looking at family stuff.

6 thoughts on “Another Shed

  1. Margaret Robinson

    ‘Tis beautiful – both the landscape and the “pitcher”. If not used for a food type item and I’ve no idea as I’ve never see one, perhaps you could use it for flowers. It’s truly gorgeous!

  2. Sam

    Cleaning out family storage can be fun and difficult. Fun is finding pictures of your parents when they were younger. Difficult is tossing things no longer needed but perhaps still wanted. Love the jug. Wish I hadn’t heard about the berries…


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