Left Shetland

Up at the crack of sparrows this morning, I kissed Her Maj goodbye (plus everyone else) and drove down to our local airport for the first flight out to Aberdeen.

I was happily surprised with a nice easy flight. I think we had the wind behind us as it only took 40 minutes. It usually takes an hour.

On Loganair, you are offered a complementary hot beverage and a choice of biccie. Of course, I went for the Tunnocks Caramel Wafer.  I couldn’t pass that up. Never say no to a Tunnocks.

The Aberdeen coast soon hove into view and we had a good landing.   Thank you lady pilot.  Good job.

A little wait at Aberdeen airport and so I made good use of the shops buying some earplugs (mine died on the trip) and a sandwich for my second breakfast. I may secretly be a hobbit.

Again, the trip to deepest darkest Southshire was completely uneventful, quick and easy.  We landed, my taxi was waiting (always a huge relief) and I was at my Mum’s house within the hour.

So that’s me.  Here I am, south now, feeling rather tired despite possibly the easiest trip south ever (and I have experienced some travel Hell).

8 thoughts on “Left Shetland

  1. Kerry

    I think one of the saddest things when a Logan Air flight gets cancelled is the dawning horror that you will miss out on a complimentary Tunnocks caramel wafer and cuppa
    Enjoy your stay

  2. Gail

    Thank you for your delightful words and pictures. I am chronically ill and housebound, my husband just had open heart surgery. It is lovely to know I can come to your site and see the adorable ponies and hear about your life. It brings peace to mine. Have a lovely time with your mom.

  3. Sam

    Happy you had an easy flight south. Thanks for the advice on the Tunock’s biccie. And Second Breakfast is necessary when traveling since one does not know when one might get Elevenes.


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