Floss and I spent the morning brushing every Minion’s mane and tail.

There was no point doing bodies – ok, we couldn’t be arsed. I admit it but we worked hard on our designated areas of brushing.  Afterwards, we sat down on the grass for a rest and I took photos (with new camera).

Tiddles went ker-poof!

Vitamin looked regal.

(such a dear sweet old lady)

And Fivla was a fairy pony powder-puff.

They scrub up well.

Newt remained Newt and wanted a hug afterwards to get over the trauma of being brushed.

Waffle, of course, was lovely.

It was hard work, but someone has to do it!

3 thoughts on “Brushing

  1. Sam

    That’s a lot of manes and tails to get thru. Love how Newt demanded a cuddle.
    And yes, Waffle is very studly looking.


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