And I’m Back!

Hello everyone.  Did you miss me?

Well, after a few adventures, I am now back in my beloved Shetland.

The trip south was fairly uneventful.  I saw my parents for five days and then went to Oxford for the weekend to stay with my daughter who is in her second term (they call this one Hilary).  Oxford is beautiful and I enjoyed taking photos and bringing my credit card to its knees sobbing with exhaustion.  Suffice it to say WE SHOPPED!


I realise I should’ve been writing this blog by Monday telling you tales of how the bebbies et al were getting on but I had an enforced excursion to hospital.


Just before my return north, I was struck down with some southern plague and had to crawl home via every lavatory from Oxford – Heathrow – Aberdeen – Shetland.  I was not well by this time and ended up as a guest of the NHS these past three days.


Anywho, everything is getting back to normal now and I will recuperate fully.  Jo still has the bebbies living with her and, from what I can see on Facebook, they seem to be coming out of themselves and have more energy, even bucking.  They are often found lying down asleep in their stable or  “helping” everyone with any task.  Some might call it “getting in the way”.

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So tomorrow I fully intend to go over and snog some little noseys.  I will report back.

(here are my Oxford photos)

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7 thoughts on “And I’m Back!

  1. Frances Post author

    Yup, we drooled at the cake shop and I sadly could not find a cake that said “Thank you for looking after BeAnne Duvet Soufflé Princess Chantelle Shaznay du Mezzanine”. Can’t think why!

  2. Corinne

    Hi Frances, My mom found your blog on Ravelry and shared it with me! I was so excited to see photos of Oxford. I was there this past fall for Michaelmas term (study abroad) and it was incredible!


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