Bebbie Visiting

I had a wonderful morning visiting the rescue bebbies who are staying with Jo at the moment.

BN2A8729 BN2A8739BN2A8744

They have changed, not hugely, but they are happier and very engaging.  I was investigated, snogged and nibbled by three very pleased-to-see-us little colts.  They like people and see them as the food factory, which is fine.  I am very happy to oblige.


There is no need for any head collars as they just follow like dogs, coming when they are called and easily bribed with a bucket.


Still no muscle or change in shape.  They remain pitifully thin.

BN2A8712 BN2A8725

Their fur has buffed up more.  I thought about buying rugs but that will just flatten their coat and stop it naturally coming back to health.  It was nice to see them grooming each other.


They have their stable which they can pop in and out of.   Jo has placed a strategic sheep hurdle to stop any investigations.  They do sleep in there lying down during the day.  All three together.  They are very much a group.  No one has an independent thought.


Storm (InATeaCup) has come out more. He is very chatty and loves being stroked or scritched.  He was leaning up against me and suddenly lost his balance almost going over.   We want to trim their feet but they are not strong enough for this yet.

BN2A8768 BN2A8772

The bebbies have three meals a day and now have their own separate buckets for this as they all need their own ration. I think Storm would lose out if it came down to a competition.


The darling bebbies are changing in character and that is the first step forwards.  They are like little shaggy dogs with enquiring minds always offering the benefit of their experience!


3 thoughts on “Bebbie Visiting

  1. Linda

    Ah, nice to hear they are at least seeming more energetic. It’s really only been a couple of weeks. In 2 more weeks maybe they’ll start to show a little more weight gain. They are a great trio – tres wee amigos!


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