And Home!

I make no apologies for the millions of photos.  We have been living in a whirlwind all day.

Little Herself (still no name – we are now wavering between Hoolie (as in Hooligan) or Gilly or Holly).

She’s met Monster who has been pretty good, to be fair.

First Contact.

He’s biffed her a few times but neither really mind each other.

She is learning to keep her distance and Monster will teach her manners.

Little Herself is finding her place in the world.

I think they will be the best of friends very soon.

Of course, she learned to scrounge (possibly the law in this house!)

She loves her food.  Very much indeed.  Not fussy at all.  She has a bit of a runny bott so she is on egg, white rice and chicken breast and happily scoffed the lot.  We started her worming course today and she has a check-up and introduction appointment at the vet on Thursday.

What else?  Oh yes, I took her for a walk this afternoon on a lead and Little Herself met the ducky-wuckies.

She liked the idea of ducks.

Muzzah Duckie told her to do one!  She had that coming.

We walked over the hill to see the old men and ladies.  Floss was busy doing their water and she spotted her and wouldn’t move until she had gone to say hello, which was very sweet.

She followed and shouted at the horses.

And then ran back to me!

Horses are intriguing, apparently.

And then we went back home, very enthusiastically.

And now some extra photos just because……


Floss has just finished (and handed in) her Masters Dissertation and needs a job. She is now fully employed as a bottom supporter and slave to Little Herself. I told her to put this on her CV.

Can you tell we are all in love?

21 thoughts on “And Home!

  1. Sam

    Never, ever apologize for posting bebe pictures…she seriously cute!
    Monster will excel at Good Manners Class for Wee One. Am totally in love with the picture of her front paw out marching on the grass. And congrats to Floss for finishing the dissertation. Major kudos on that. And yes, “Human Slave to Cute Puppy” should be on her CV.

  2. NancyMac

    What a HUGE bundle of joy on those 4 wee legs. She seems to look like a Holly 😉 😉

    Is she a mixed breed? Her markings look so much like our Border Terrier when he was little.

    Happy for all of you to have a bundle of joy filling up your already busy lives.

      1. NancyMac

        I’ve never heard of a Padderdale before. Very interesting history. I see there was a bit of the original Border Terriers mixed in. way way back…which likens to your little ladie’s colouring and maybe her face shape to. She is just too sweet. Keep as many pictures as you like coming of all your furry family they bring many of us great joy indeed….and I think many of us think it is never an overload 😉

        Your daughter has a real gift…my father-in-law had such a gift…children and all animals. Many times he could be seen walking along his country road with a feral cat and all her kittens walking in a straight line right behind him and they would follow him as he crossed into the fields on his normal route around his home. None else was ever able to get near them.

        Thanks again for sharing your furry & non-furry family with all of us.

  3. Rebecca Final

    Well, Herself is absolutely adorable. Could you let us dog breed fans know…is she a Patterdale, or maybe a Border Terrier? I can feel the love surrounding her already. Lucky little puppy.

  4. Nicki

    Pop!! My heart just burst, my goodness little herself is gorgeous. I am so looking forward to keeping up with all her new adventures Well done Floss to, a little jealous of your new job as bottom holder

  5. Judith Garbutt

    I don’t think anyone will complain about any number of photographs of this little one! And Monster, of course! Well done on finishing your dissertation, Flossie! Good luck in the job- hunt.

  6. Mary Colleen McNamara

    she is a cutie. The picture of Monster with foot on her head and the other “foot out” picture looks like there are no claws out. He is trying to be nice. She will get a pass while she is a youngster with all those youngster traits and looks. 😉
    Congrats on your new addition.

  7. diane in northern wis

    I love all the pictures, Frances. They are wonderful of your new little one. Sooooo cute. Can’t wait until you decide on the right name for her. Hope Monster and her get to be the best of pals. that will make for more great pics. she got a great tour of your place and most of your critters. Fun days lie ahead!

  8. Vicki Kechekian

    She’s so little! She’s adorable. It’s been ages since I’ve had a puppy. Both of my dogs were grown when they came to us. I’m so glad Monster is cool with her. She had so much to learn–big cat, ducks, sheep, ponies, horses, rabbits, lizards (not sure you have those).


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