Small Canine Whirlwind!

Little Herself (today possibly named Pepper, as in Chilli Pepper) has spent the morning with Flossie while the farrier was here.  Puppies and horses don’t mix.  Not never.

Thankfully, we have discovered a hidden skill – Floss definitely has a knack with puppies.

Possibly magic – I took these first two photos just now.  Pepper has been bouncing off the ceiling all day and finally stopped to lie upside down on Floss’ lap.

It is perfect.


Meanwhile, I was outside with our farrier, Stephen, and he trimmed 4 horses and shod 3.  Klaengur is still on holiday. The consensus is that we will wait for his hoof injury to grow out completely.  I don’t want to put unnecessary stress on what is left of his hoof just for the sake of riding.  We are not rushing anything.

Everyone behaved well.

Afterwards, I took Pepper for a walk in the field on an extending lead.

Monster came along too and was a huge help.

It was an amicable walk.

They muddle along fine.

I think that Monster is secretly very happy to have another “person” in his family.

And Pepper has learned very quickly to stay out of reach.

The sheep are going to take a bit of convincing, though.

We are all exhausted!  I had forgotten about just how much hard work puppies are. Fun, but very hard work.  I appear to have “puppy brain” now.

9 thoughts on “Small Canine Whirlwind!

  1. Sam

    There are worse things to have than Puppy Brain. Well done Floss the Dog Bed! Takes a mighty big talent to put a puppy to sleep. I can only do that to babies and kittens. As for Monster, he is thrilled to have his own minion to boss around. And no, you can NEVER post too many puppy pictures.

  2. Linda

    It’s so much fun seeing (all) the photos – I’ve been waiting for her to “come home.”
    Now waiting for her official name…

  3. diane in northern wis

    More great pictures today Frances…Thank you so much for sharing them. I love this new little girl you have adopted and so happy that she and Monster seem to be doing ok together! So nice to see Floss’s magic working on Pepper? Glad to hear the Farrier got some good work done today too.


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