Here she is!

The trip south was uneventful. We arrived refreshed and had a quick mooch around Aberdeen. After a nice lunch, we then drove to some friends who live just outside the town.  They have a carriage driving centre and were in the middle of harnessing up an Orlov trotter to a carriage when we arrived so Daisy helped out as groom and they went for a drive.

Meanwhile, I waited for the transporter to arrive with the puppies. All went to plan. They reached us happy and excited.  We duly fell in love.

Little collars on and clipped to long leads and off we went shouting at each other  “don’t cross the streams!” like Ghostbusters! It was chaos.


The puppies quickly became accustomed and almost cooperative on their leads and we gave them a good walk, let them play and then fed and watered and put them to bed.

Many happy days ahead. Life feels good.


14 thoughts on “Here she is!

  1. M in NC

    Excellent! Some time off the boat and spent will friends and horses 🙂 and the ‘new addition’.
    Makes my day. Have a good trip back, smooth seas and remember to take some pictures of Monster’s expression when he realizes he is no longer in charge 😉

    M in NC

  2. Jayne

    Congratulations – Little Miss No-Name-Yet looks quite wonderful, and so relaxed on your lap.

    (and drat, I am only 20 miles from Aberdeen tonight in my campervan, it would have been lovely to say hello)

  3. Elva

    My first border collie was named Lark, which was a name I always thought was beautiful. Just a suggestion.
    Wishing you all a long happy life together!!!!

  4. Judith Garbutt

    Frances, she has such a sweet face – the name ‘Muffin’ came to mind when I looked at the close up photograph of her.


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