All My Icelandic Boys

An Autumnal feel to today’s photos of my Icelandic boys in their field.

Everyone is looking well (some a bit too well, even).

The winter coats are coming in now.  It is the beginning of the Season of the Woolly Mammoths.

Klaengur is looking forward to his owner, Flossie, my youngest daughter, coming home from China on Monday.  He has had a two month holiday, with all his shoes off plus a visit from the dentist.  It will have done him good.  Everyone needs a holiday.

I expect upon her return, Flossie and Klaengur will return to being the formidable speed team that they are.

Taktur is back in training having had his summer holidays with the laydee-girls.

Now he is living with his two sons and his friends.  They are a settled herd now.  Thankfully all the bad feeling has vanished and they have sorted themselves out.

Kappi is back in work.

Daisy rides all her horses most days.

The little ones are growing up far too quickly.

Little Dreki is Big Dreki now.

All eyes will soon be on Hjalti when he starts his training proper next year.

So that’s the boys.  They are an easy little bunch.  To move them, we just opened the gate and shouted.  They all cantered over the hill straight home!

I ❤️ Icelandic horses (I need a car sticker!)

6 thoughts on “All My Icelandic Boys

  1. Gemma

    It was the highlight of our trip to Shetland to stand in the middle of this lovely bunch. Fiontán now wants an Icelandic Viking horse of his very own and to be honest so do I. They are a gorgeous group.

      1. Gemma

        Next time we visit we will give you a call definitely! And if we ever manage to move up there then we will need your expertise to help us start our Icelandic family too!


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