Rather Tired

I really didn’t feel like getting up this morning.

None of us did.  We were all exhausted.

Monster had spent the night alternating between the bed and the floor trying to wake up my OH so he could be fed.  Think Simon’s Cat.  It is uncannily similar!

I think OH and Monster argued all night.  Monster would jump on OH, OH would wake up and put Monster on the floor and Monster would then jump back up.  Ad infinitum. OH eventually caved at 05:00.

Note:  I have just purchased an electronic automatic feeder.  Maybe this will solve the problem.  Everyone is rather tired including Monster who was “up all night”.


Monster spent the day in his “wee nook” snoozing.  Lucky thing.

To wipe away the cobwebs, I went for a ride out on Haakon in a very bracing Shetland westerly wind.  It certainly woke me up.

Daisy and Kappi came along too.  As Haakon and I are old and slow, we each did our own thing.   We can’t keep up with the youngsters anymore though Haakon and Kappi spent the beginning of the ride hurling filthy looks and barging past trying to cut each other off!  Daisy and I just laughed at our two dinosaurs.


1 thought on “Rather Tired

  1. Sams

    I think Monster called Mr.Maine Coon at 4am EST today….but then they snail up to sleep so one does not disturb them. Love the walking dinosaur image.


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