My Little Beetle

Her Maj, aka BeAnne Duvet, has many names and descriptions.  Today she is Beetle.

I hate it but BeAnne is getting on a little in years now – 12 years old but in my eyes still my puppy. I watch her slowing up, though she did come on that lovely ride with me the other day, which I hugely appreciated but it has never been repeated despite my numerous requests.

BeAnne prefers to stay at home and do her own thing. I don’t force her to go with me if she doesn’t want to.  At heart, she is a home girl and anyway there are borders to repel.  She has a job.

If I walk around the croft BeAnne always comes along too.

And she even bounces about enthusiastically when we go into the hill.  I love to see her like this.  She is my puppy again.

BeAnne’s particular fondness is for the large puddles that have appeared because of the rain.

All I have to say is “do you want to go swimming?”…….

And in BeAnne dives.

She will run about in the water having the best time.  I have my suspicions that BeAnne sometimes takes herself off to find her own quiet little puddle when I am not looking because she comes home soggy.

May she live forever.  My little Beetle.

11 thoughts on “My Little Beetle

  1. Sam

    Love her little legs leaping into the puddle. And she will always be your puppy, not matter how old she is. Carry on Her Maj!

  2. Margaret Robinson

    And don’t we wish that for all our beloved fur critters. We’ve got one not far behind BeAnne in age and sincere arrived about 6-7 years ago as really been my dog. Just try not to think about her getting older and enjoy her very different behavior – she’s just as she should be!

  3. Sherry Walter

    I too am avoiding thinking about the years passing. My little guy looks much like BeAnne only all gray/black and slightly longer ears. He just turned 9 a week ago.

  4. Louise Stopford

    She looks so well and very, very happy indeed. Enjoy every minute and ‘live in the moment’. I am sure you will have your little girl around for a long time yet.

  5. Eva

    Im really curious as to how she got her name?

    She’ll always be your puppy though, I still saw the kittens in my cats when they were over 20 and I imagine it’s what its like with children. Just one of life’s real cruelties that we will outlive our furry and wooly friends x

    1. Frances Post author

      Bean started life as Bean, then moved onto Beanie. Then BeAnne.

      After that more names arrived. Her full “Sunday name” is BeAnne Duvet Soufflé Princess Chantelle Shaznay du Mezzanine.

      My friend calls her “Her Maj”.

      Sometimes she is Little Bear (after the Else Holmlund Minarik illustrations) and then Beetle because she beetles about all the time.

      So now you know. I bet you wish you hadn’t asked!

      1. Eva

        Thsnk you for explaining it. That’s brilliant! And safe to say there is no way I would have worked it out.

        It makes me feel a bit better about calling Harry Sheep my Haribo beanie baby! Seems rather short and abrupt in comparison really….


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