All Move (Again)

Little Sóley the Foalie has been loading nicely into the van so today we put the ramp up and drove her and her mother, Hetja, over to their winter field a couple of miles away at Leradale.

Sóley was perfect.  She happily followed along and was curious to investigate her new home.

As there is only room for two horses max in the van, we left Lilja at home in the stable with two new friends, Iacs and Haakon, who I trusted to keep her entertained and safe.

When it was Lilja’s turn to travel, Iacs came along “for the ride” so to speak as companion in the van. I hate travelling horses by themselves.   They were very happy travel buddies considering they had met only 30 minutes earlier.

So that’s the girls all moved and ready for the winter.  They will be checked daily and hopefully can’t get into any trouble (please don’t Lilja – I am watching you!)  The Minions will join them in the next field probably in January.

Iacs enjoyed his brief sojourn, looked at the view and then loaded back up again to go home by himself.  He is a seasoned traveller so he kept himself entertained with Hetja’s haynet.  He also wanted to get back to his bestfriend, Haakon.  He knows that wimmin are only trouble.

Haakon and everyone else were then moved into the big hill field. It is where they will stay for a while.

This will give our more sheltered fields a chance to benefit from the “Autumn flush” which will be useful later as our grass starts to decline while the temperature drops.

Well, that’s the theory anyway.  You know me. Nothing is written in stone.  It was nice to see Leradale again.  One of my favourite crofts.



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