Fierce Lambie

I finally did it. I sewed and if you know me, you will know I do not sew. I could not delegate (read fob off) the job of sewing a metre of 3″ curtain heading tape onto the back of my beautiful new unicorn rug and so was resigned to do it myself.

After a duff start and some frantic unpicking, I sewed diligently away vocalising various swear words as I went.  I also had a brief moment when I thought I had put the tape on the wrong end and my unicorn would be upside down. I checked it more than once.

Next I sent an elder daughter Daisy up the chimney (ok, she stood on the swivel chair while I promised to hold it still) and, having previously attached the curtain hooks to the tape, we hung/hanged my gorgeous unicorn rug.

A huge thank you again to Shetland Handweavers for this very special piece of weaving.

After the rug hanging, I went into my shed to recover.  Due to inclement weather, Lambie headbutted the door, came in, dithered about a bit, got shouted at so sat down and made himself comfortable. I didn’t shut the door, though I was cold.  I didn’t want to disturb the large woolly lump.

Lambie had a small snooze and then realised the others (ie ‘Bert and ‘Ster) were wanting to come in too.  I saw a side of Lambie not often seen.

He got all cross and started defending “his territory”, ie my shed.  So ‘Ster headbutted the door frame for a while and ‘Bert didn’t bother asking again.  Lambie was not going to move or let anyone in.  A leg in each corner and he wasn’t budging.

You can tell he’s cross – he is all tense and stern.

8 thoughts on “Fierce Lambie

  1. SusanF

    I love this post. The Handwoven rug is wonderful. And I just love the horses sharing their bowls and their turmeric mustaches.


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