Watching the Sun go down

Yesterday afternoon was beautiful.  Cold but beautiful.  BeAnne and I went into the horses’ field and sat down on a comfortable  bum-shaped rock.

Then the boys came over to talk.

First there was Efstur

And his best friend, Dreki.  These days they are a couple.

Kappi came over for a chat too.

Hjalti preferred to look over my shoulder.

And that is Klaengur’s red nosey on the left.  So I was definitely surrounded.

It was one of those special calm moments when everyone just stood and chatted nicely.

This was because BeAnne, my loyal stalwart, remained en guarde by my feet.  She let everyone know what behaviour was acceptable in her eyes.  A few noseys were bounced at.  The boys know the rules.

The sun was setting and the fantastic light was fading fast.  It was also getting fairly nippy too.

I shall remember that afternoon.  It was perfect – watching the sun go down with my friends.

5 thoughts on “Watching the Sun go down

  1. Janet ainsworth

    Another post which captures so many thoughtful images….like a pebble dropped into a pool..your post casts ripples of wonderment … respect and acceptance…thanks


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