A Worrying Mum

Flossie is at Aberdeen Airport waiting to take off to land at Sumburgh in a gale (Force 9, gusting 11). It is a bit much and I am worried.  I can’t help it.   In weather like this, I want everyone home, tucked up and safe where I can see them.

Anywho, this morning, I kept myself occupied by going to see the Minions.  It was feisty outside but not too bad.

They are looking very well and their winter yak coats are appearing now.

Little darlings.

I am pleased with how the old ladies are looking.  Nice and wide and ready for what winter throws us.

I love this photo – little Newt coming for his statutory carrot entitlement.

(Or twenty!)

I know I am waffling on but looking at these photos of my Minions keeps me occupied and diverted while I go on worrying until Floss is home safely.

BeAnne is not happy either.  Like me, she hates this weather. Oh, the worry.


UPDATE:  Floss home – all is good xx

4 thoughts on “A Worrying Mum

  1. Sam

    If it isn’t ponies or horses, it’s daughters that worry a parent. Flossie & Daisy are lucky to have you. As are the Sheeple, Her Maj, Da Monster, the horses and the wide bummed ponies. Do adore Newt’s utter determination to GET that carrot, no matter what.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    I think about you when I’m watching the weather forecast. You seem to be having more than your fair share of wind and rain in the next few days. I hope Flossie gets home safely – I’d be worried in your position. The photographs are delightful, tho’, particularly the one of Newt. How is Albie doing?


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