The Sunday Afternoon’s Film

In my silly little studio, aka a bit of kitchen top in the stable, I made this Sunday afternoon’s film.

I had previously spent some time building legs and reconstructing better beaks and I like the result.  There is probably more movement in the feathers than I would’ve wished for too because the wind was blowing a hoolie outside resulting in a huge draft everywhere in my shed.

Meanwhile, outside when I was checking all the horses and ponies, I noticed that the golden plovers were in full force in the fields.

I have a real soft spot for these birds.

It is the way they turn, to a wing, and instantly change colour.  Very clever.  Apparently a group of plovers is called a stand, wing, or congregation.

For the time being, I think I will just stick to my norty football playing crows.  I hope you enjoy my little film.

Daisy says it’s my best yet.



13 thoughts on “The Sunday Afternoon’s Film

  1. Bev

    Delightful filum!!! What fun! And lovely plovers…not a bird we have in this part of the world. Always lovely to see what you are up to…thanks for sharing!!

  2. Margaret Robinson

    I never noticed if our plovers change color. They’re pretty abundant around the shores here.
    Keep up the good work! For someone who just started doing films, you doing really, really well!

  3. Mary C. McNamara

    I love your animation shorts. We had 50 crows in our yard this morning ( they come down from the mountains in the Fall/winter) . Our crows are not as talented as yours. Ours just eat up all the seed and cracked corn we spread out for the sandhill cranes.
    Keep up the excellent movie productions . I can someday say I knew her when…

  4. Louise Stopford

    I loved your football playing crows. What an enchanting piece of film – you are so clever and imaginative. I loved the way the crows stopped when the melon broke to have a quick peck and then resumed with their game. You sure have some fun up there in Shetland.

  5. Highmac

    Lovely little film – reminded me of a Scottish children’s song that was around when I was a kid. It started “Three craws sat upon a wa’… ”

    It was sung by Robin Hall and Jimmy MacGregor who appeared on Cliff Michelmore’s Tonight show in the 50s (think a much more civilised monochrome version of The One Show). At that time there wasn’t even a BBC2, let alone colour…

    Just found it on YouTube –


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