Floss made it home last night in some of the vilest weather that has hit Shetland for a while.

She said the landing in the tiny little plane was “a bit hairy” so today we are concentrating on better things, like seeing the Minions again.

Of course they were all thrilled to see their Flossie.

And, of course, Floss brought carrots which did up her popularity stakes!

The Minions adore her…..

….. as well as her coat, which is treated like a toddler’s activity centre!

Floss crouched in the wet field in the middle of nowhere and was duly adored.

Poor Floss is used to the high balmy temperatures of Chengdu so Shetland is rather a shock to her system.

We will give Floss a few days off before we get her back to cooking us her fabulous Chinese meals.

Floss was busy taking photos of the Minions to show her friends just how different her life is at home.

Meanwhile, Lilja is much more settled with her mother and step-mother.  She is one of the girls and they are all happy again.

The Minions have given up shouting for their Lilja and realise that she was not really a Shetland pony who grew and grew and grew.

Lilja needs to be with her own kind.

It is good to have Flossie home.


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Sam

    So happy that Flossie is home and safe. Okay maybe not totally safe given the Minion Welcome she endured. But still, she is home.

  2. Terri

    I’ll bet you gave an audible sigh of relief when Flossie stepped off the plane. “A bit hairy” likely meant HORRIBLE, given typical British “spot-of-bother” understatement. Love these photos, especially the happy reunion! How they luffs her (and she them)!

  3. Linda Loba

    Very glad to see Flossie made it home safely – and what a sweet homecoming for her (presumably after a great, big hug from mum).

  4. Mary C. McNamara

    Glad Flossie made it home safely. I bet lots of stories to tell, photos to share (?) and of course meals to cook and share. The minions are a great welcoming committee. Love the sepia (?sp) tone pictures.
    Warmest wishes to all.

    We are having Shetland style rain here in NM today. We have had a downpour for two days now. Here in the desert ,we never pass up rain. Feeding the two steers in the muck is a challenge. I finally talked them into coming in out of the rain into a dry corral . The looks were interpreted as a big thank you . All I heard was munching as I waded out (trying not to slip in the mud) to go back home. We don’t get the opportunity to wear our Wellies all that often.


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