A Visitor (not staying)

Yesterday, while the weather was vile, I suddenly remembered I hadn’t seen the Boyzenberries recently.

So donning my full wet weather gear, I went out, opened the big gate and shouted.  Two bedraggled and shivering sheep arrived (Lambie and ‘Ster) closely followed by a huge Shetland hill ram.

So, I put down food, opened up Lambie’s best bedroom which has been resting and distributed  a bale of straw down in the shed (wifi and radio).

I left them to it, slightly worrying that ‘Bert hadn’t appeared but he is a free spirit.

When the rain stopped, I found ‘Bert hanging about waiting to come home. I let him in.

No one seemed to mind “Rammie”, even though he is seriously stinking.  He first appeared a few months back when Fivla and Vitamin lived in their hill park.  He moved in with them and followed them everywhere.

I did approach him with a carrot but he duly rammed me in the leg.  Ouch.  There were words.

But the other don’t mind Rammie and he is horribly lame.

I hate turning my back on ill sheep because they usually die at me outside the gate and I have to live with the guilt that I did nothing.

So this time I have done something.

Floss went out with the statutory Rich Tea biccies for the lads.

Best sheep food ever!

Rammie was interested.  He is quite greedy.

So Floss threw one over and he instantly was hooked.

I tell you Rich Tea biscuits are the way into anyone’s heart.

This morning, after breakfast, I opened the big gate and everyone went out into the hill.  I then went to hospital for my spinal epidural injections under severe sedation.

According to my anaesthetist and the theatre staff, while I under sedation, I am the woman who talks about “my sheep, my ponies and my daughters”!

What is said in Theatres. Stays in theatres! (please)

When I got home from hospital, all four were back home!

Rammie can always leave us. He has not been sheep-napped and if anyone wants to lay claim to him, feel free.

8 thoughts on “A Visitor (not staying)

  1. Sam

    Now why would Rammie wish to leave? The Best Bedroom (Wifi) and Biccies????
    But his lame leg would also give me cause to wonder what to do. Maybe his human will come to collect him.

  2. m in nc

    I am guessing that Rammie’s ears are neekid (No ear tags? ).

    At least from the photo with the Sheeples and your girl Floss, he isn’t too big, except for all that wool.
    He has obviously been avoiding the spring/summer haircut appointments.

    A bit of a conundrum.

    M in NC

  3. Linda

    What a big beautiful ram Rammie is – would the stink go away if he got sheared? (maybe using that heavy sedation you mentioned earlier?) He looked like he had some pink spray across the side of his head – does that indicate a specific owner?

    Well another chapter I’m sure, in your blog, Frances. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.

    And your sheepies are looking cute as ever!

    Hope your back feels better…

  4. Terri

    Rammie is one good-looking ram. But his fleece looks…er…stinky (as if tiny creatures might have taken up permanent residence). I assume a “hill ram” is a wild one (without owner), thus no ear tags. And no one to care about his lameness — except now you!
    Sending good vibes that all went well today with your back procedure — and praying that subsequently you won’t have a repeat of last year’s “little episode.” Take care!

  5. diane in northern wisconsin

    So Rammie likes your biscuits and your hospitality. He seems pretty smart. I love all your sheep. I don’t like his horns all that much, especially if they’re jabbing you. Hope he gets unlame soon. You’re so good to all the critters. I love that when you’re “under” you’re talking about your sheep, your ponies and your daughters! That’s love.

  6. Louise Stopford

    I think Rammie would be quite happy to stay with you, especially as he gets along with your other sheep and the fact that he gets fed Rich Tea Biscuits. What can you do about a sheep that is lame? Looks like this is another critter that needs “rescuing”. I am sure you will do your best for him. He’s found you and needs your help and anyway what’s one more!! I am sure his manners will improve as the biscuits go down and he receives a bit of TLC. Please keep us posted – I love sheep.

    1. Frances Post author

      He is not mine. I can’t just take him, get the vet and get any problem sorted. Life is not that simple, even though it is the right course of action. How would you feel if I took your animal and treated it? So difficult. My life is full of moral dilemmas.

      Anywho, I found everyone bouncing around the road, this evening, and called them home to follow my van. Rammie limped home and had a few biscuits and food for his trouble. I will enquire as to his owner and see if they are interested in taking him home and sorting him out.

      Don’t hold your breath, though. xx


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