Carrots After the Monsoon

There was so much rain last night and this morning that the fields flooded.  A rare sight for summer.

(the view from the front door)

It even went up as far as the rickety bridge (which has been doomed for some years now).

Everyone was fine.  Happily eating.  So we were not especially worried.

(the view from the back door)

After the Shetland “monsoon”, the sun made the effort and shone.

We went out to check on everyone – to see they had not melted or washed away.

And to give them carrots and hugs.

(Daisy, en passant, has just remarked they look like a mare and foal – not Klængur and Newt , ie one Icelandic gelding and one miniature Shetland pony gelding!)

It was amazing just how quickly everyone had dried out.  You wouldn’t have known it had been raining since yesterday afternoon.

Flossie had, in her pocket, a carrot for everyone.

So that would be thirteen carrots she was carrying.


Poor little Newt struggled with his full-sized carrot.

It is almost too big for him and he was not sure how to attack it.

Obviously, help was on hoof, in the form of Tiddles.

But Newt was having none of it.

That carrot was his and his alone.  It was not his fault that Tiddles’ carrot was long gone.

Floss dutifully went round dishing out her supplies.

Even far into the hill to Iacs, and beyond, where Haakon was.

No one had washed away and the grass will now keep on growing as it has been watered.

8 thoughts on “Carrots After the Monsoon

  1. Terri

    I love the fact that Newt stands up for himself, “minewt” as he may be. Nice of Flossie to take so many carrots and to make sure that everyone got a snack. Looks beautiful there, so quiet and peaceful!

  2. diane in northern wisconsin

    Your pics are beautiful showing all the rain. I love Flossie passing out all the carrots….so sweet. I’d love to hug every one of your beautiful horses and ponies. So beautiful.


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