Viking Show – Last Photos

After my spinal steroid injections, I have been on bedrest for 24 hours so they can work on the localised spot so obviously not out and about with a camera.

When a friend offered me her photos of the Viking Show last week, I didn’t say no plus they are very good.

So, here they are……

Dimma trying to get Floss’ burger – not a chance, though full marks for trying.

The judges’ conflab.

All that hard work. Exhausting.

(Me.  Diet. Now)

The winner.

(And again, oh God, that is me – tomorrow The Diet to end all Diets!)


Thank you, Jean Sinclair, – you have done good, filled a gap and seen my life from a different angle.

And here are some spare ones from me.




Enthusiastic little person determined to feed everyone.

Right, tomorrow I am properly off my bed rest and I will go back to my duties.

I have decided that I am not going to ride for a while.  I want the steroid epidural to do its bit – the side effects are hot flushes which are vile. I may have to live outside for a while, in Lambie’s shed (wifi and radio).

Funnily enough, Daisy and I were driving home from doing the veg packing at Transition Turriefield, when we thought we recognised two sheeps on the road – Rammie and ‘Ster.  So we called them home and they happily trotted behind the van.

Then when we discovered that Lambie and ”Bert were not home either so we set off again in the car and found them further up the road.  I got out and Daisy drove the car home, while I walked back with two errant sheeps in tow.

(at the moment, my life consists of ridiculous sheeples)

8 thoughts on “Viking Show – Last Photos

  1. Jan

    My sympathies about the epidural and the hot flushes. Just take care of yourself.Is Rammie joining the herd permanently?

    1. Frances Post author

      He is not mine to make that decision.
      All hill sheep belong to someone. When they caa’ (herd) them in for shearing this summer, he will find his home

  2. Sam

    Such a cheeky Dimma, trying to “taste test” the sandwich. Hope your back behaves and the hot flashes are not many. Love the fair pictures! I wonder who put the word out on the SheepWiFi that you have yummy bicckes to share with wayward sheep??? Tiddles, perhaps?

  3. Terri

    Delightful photos! Glad you are up and about, but being cautious. Naughty sheepies — but at least they follow you home. On second thought, why wouldn’t they? — Thordale is the Ritz of accommodations! (probably includes a biccie on each straw pillow at bedtime) Thanks for your goodness and kind heart.

  4. diane in northern wisconsin

    Thanks for the great pictures. Sorry to hear your sheep got out, but at least you rounded them all up. No, I don’t think you’re fat at all. Don’t be too hard on yourself and praying that your back will be better. Have a good weekend and don’t work too hard.

  5. Louise Stopford

    Lovely pictures of the show, as usual. I think Rammie has got his hooves under the table now. He seems to be enjoying his temporary holiday with you and your sheep. I understand what you say about him not belonging to you and all hill sheep have owners – hopefully you will be able to find out who he belongs to. Meanwhile he seems quite content with his accommodation. Hope your back is feeling better and I can sympathise with the hot flushes!!


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