The snow showers come and go in various densities, ranging from snowflakes to hail.  The showers are short and nothing stays around for long.


Everyone who had access to the bale overnight was thrown out into the field this morning after a good brekkie, to let those that never get near it have an opportunity.

Some, (mostly Iacs), are hogging the bale and becoming Smaug-like in their efforts to keep one ton of silage for themselves.


So it is good that Les Grandes Dames, Preggy Lady and The Minions can have a fair shot at the bale too.



Someone was asking about Taktur.  He is fine.  Happy not be involved in the bale politics, I am sure, as is Kappi who keeps him company.

They are in their 5 acre field across the scattald (hill) and get a big hardfeed brekkie in the morning along with a large wedge of silage that I lug over in a large CostCo carrier bag in the evening.

L1200544 L1200549

It was a lovely sunset as I completed my evening chores.


Lambie and Ster are on flying form – thank you for asking.  When I am busy shovelling another pile of something into a wheelbarrow, their frolicking antics never cease to make me smile as they dance around like idiots.


Everyone should have a Lambie and a Ster (scuse the shouting!)

3 thoughts on “Juggling

  1. Terri

    Bee–YEW-tiful sunset photo, and I especially enjoyed the video of Lambie and Ster — how cute that they come when called! The Handsome Prince looks kinda funny with his frizzy winter mane, but gorgeous nonetheless. Will you breed him again this year?

  2. rheather

    Lambie and Ster bounce just like my goats do! It’s the hilarious 4 foot bounce like a wind up toy-it always cracks me up!


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