A Nice Peaceful Sunday

A lovely ride this morning on Haakon.  We went to the galloping track escorted by BeAnne and had an excellent blast up and down at full pelt.  It certainly blew the cobwebs away and Haakon was his usual incredibly safe and reliable self.


This afternoon was spent in the field with my boys.  I sat down, they ate and investigated and we had some lovely chats.


There was also lots of mutual grooming between everyone.

L1120150  L1120157 L1120160 L1120168

And we all appreciated this Indian summer we are having.


I love this photo as it makes BeAnne look ginormous in comparison to Waffle.  Yes, he is very small.


Actually both him and Storm are still tiny but very very cuddly.


The horses quickly surrounded me with Klængur standing over me.  He has the kindest eyes and some days he just wants to be with me.


I made a short film of my perspective while sitting in the field.  I would probably not sit like this with the mares, though.  Geldings and a stallion are far calmer to be around and I am always watching them for any change in behaviour or situation.




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