Class Clown

I moved everyone into another field as the bigger sods (horses) were leaning over the fences to reach the better grass on the other side, rather than making a clean plate of the grass they had.

It won’t do their old field any harm to be left to benefit from our Indian summer – there may even be a bit more grass growing, which would be nice for later on.

So off they all trotted.

Silver was busy being a big-boy with his best friend, Kappi.


The other two Minions were wandering about looking bored so I gave them their “toy box” and sat back to watch them play.


Waffle didn’t stay for long and came over to be hugged leaving Storm to play his favourite game – buckets!

BN2A5896BN2A5901 BN2A5903

Storm loves buckets.  Lots of buckets.  The more the merrier.  He takes them all out and investigates each one.


I have seen one other pony do this but Storm likes to roll with his head in a bucket and I have no idea why.

BN2A5899 BN2A5900    BN2A5909 BN2A5910

Has anyone else seen this and couldn’t you just tickle that tumbly?


Storm is the funniest of the three Minions.  He is an optimist and a clown with silly billy corkscrew bucking which he does when he is feeling very happy or done something very wicked.  It makes me laugh as he knows I will always forgive him.

He has the biggest sense of humour of the three and is always the clown.



(not sure about these black frame lines *sniff* – it was a speriment)

10 thoughts on “Class Clown

  1. Cate

    Wee Storm was my favourite from the start and still is. Look at the glint in his sweet little eye–a born comedian! “Buckets” reminded me of Eeyore’s game of “Balloon In and Out the Jar”. 😀

  2. kathi in california

    it makes me very happy to see pictures of storm and know that such a darling creature is alive on this planet! i love him, like a childhood dream.

  3. Jill Billett

    I have a Shetland mare that loves to roll with her feed bucket on her head. The first time I saw her do it, I thought she had colic! but no it is just something Pearl likes to do.

  4. Linda

    Maybe he is trying to get into the bucket cuz his name is StormINATEACUP but he can’t fit in a teacup now :-). It looks like he is pretending to pour feed all over himself. Maybe he now has the sense of food security in his life and knows he will never starve again. Love the little bugger!

  5. Sam

    Didn’t notice the black frames until you mentioned them. Indifferent to them, too busy chuckling at Storm’s Love Dance to the Bucket!


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