Zoot and Dingo move out

We have a new arrival tomorrow so Zoot and Dingo had to be moved, with their mothers and aunt,  to join the other “maiden” aunts.  We caught the mothers, and led them into the trailer with their prospective bebbies following.


The Welcoming Committee were high up on the other side of two burns (streams) and very interested in the new additions.


First into the field was Dingo and her Mum, Nanook, who is Fivla’s half sister.  They have never met the rest of the herd.  We have only borrowed Dingo to keep Zoot company while she is with her mum.


Off they went to explore and to make their introductions.


Next was Melinda, Zoot and Fivla.  They had travelled together.


Off they cantered to meet the herd.


There was much rushing around from everyone.


Fivla did her best to place herself between the mares/fillies and the mothers and babies.  She is a very good aunt and takes her job very seriously.


Meanwhile, BeAnne, Snati and Beeble took themselves swimming.


All the dogs are keen swimmers but I like to think BeAnne is part otter, part wind-up clockwork boat.  She goes along so well in the water, steaming along.  She has a very good dive on her too.


And then she had to go and spoil it all by rolling in horse poo (OH made her sit by herself on the way home for obvious reasons.  She usually sits on his knee in the front)!


Equine introductions were being made and the girls appeared to be settling down nicely to the job in question – eating.


(this, btw, is how good my new little camera is – that is how far away the ponies actually were – amazing. I am so impressed)


Jo will check on the ponies later tonight just to see that everyone is still settled.  We don’t want bullying or outcasts, just one happy big Shetland pony family.

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1 thought on “Zoot and Dingo move out

  1. Roberta

    My Fergus would probably join the dogs for a swim………………..twat will go in the dam RUN CANTER to the water at the beach, but in harness “you’ve got to be kidding me, go through THAT” so we had a dear and darling yesterday, went through once then jumped with me in cart the next time………………….Who knows the Shetland mind.


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