A Minion Spring Clean

We brought all The Minions in today to be brushed and made presentable ready for Summer, if it ever bothers to make an appearance.


Everyone was unhelpfully pratting about so we tied them all up seperately.


And they stood quietly, some creating mess as they did.


When the Minions had come out of their field, they had not been kind to Lambie – he had insisted on coming to the field with us.  They had chased him home so he cleverly took refuge in a safe place under the harness.


Daisy brushed while I coated everyone’s manes and tails liberally in coconut oil and trimmed some long tails.

BN2A9799  BN2A9796

Tiddles is work-in-progress though he did floof up beautifully.  I have one bag of foal fur already.  Any takers?


Waffle loved being brushed and would stand forever happily.  He was no trouble at all (apart from the Lambie debacle).


Silver remembered last year’s fuss about brushing and then quickly put it behind him.  He is becoming a very handsome chap.


And Storm remains Storm.  Still the same silly hair-do, still the same worried eyes and still bottom of the herd.  Tiddles is the boss of him now.


Lambie looked to BeAnne for his salvation and safety.  He adores her and follows her everywhere.  BeAnne remains troubled by this as she likes having a disciple, just not a lamb-type one.  What if someone saw?






3 thoughts on “A Minion Spring Clean

  1. jan

    They all look gorgeous,and I love the picture of lambie and Be-anne. Its amazing the way lambie has grown, he will soon be bigger than Be-Anne!

  2. Sam

    Love the bum shot of Lambie and his Lady, BeAnne! And what does one do with foal fur? Can you ship (if I pay) to the US?


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