A Beautiful Day

Today started with torrential rainfall and the sky was completely grey.  However, by 10 o’clock the weather had turned glorious!

I decided to check on the Minions to see how their Spring Clean was treating them.

I left Lambie in the garden this time to avoid any unwanted chasing…


Some were less white than they were yesterday and had grubby armpits.


And they do not smell like coconuts anymore.


It’s alright if you’re a black pony because the dirt doesn’t show!


If it does, then simply stay indoors to avoid judgemental gazes.


Luckily, Silver is a lot happier for losing his matted winter coat from yesterday.


BeAnne can attest to the Spring Clean, as she also has recently ‘enjoyed’ her own.


All in all, it was a lovely day so how could you not be in a good mood?


1 thought on “A Beautiful Day

  1. Linda

    Look at that beautiful BLUE sky! That fantastic sunshine! Congratulations! (did everyone blink in wonder as they came outside?)


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