Off to see the girls

Doing the rounds today so we checked up on the last remaining Thordale Shetland pony girls –  Lyra, Vitamin and Delia.  Two old Shetland pony mares and one young filly.


Obviously Lyra made her bee-line for her one love, Daisy.


I think it because they both have the same hair style and can relate to this.


I left them to bond.  It is what they both do best – their Mutual Appreciation Society.

BN2A9735  BN2A9740  BN2A9772

Both of them are a pair of soppy dates.  Lyra doesn’t care about anyone else (human) like she does Daisy.   She always has done, even as a foal.  The rest of us never had a look in.



Mother and daughter are not very alike but still very close.  I think they always will be.  Vitamin will have no more foals and Lyra was the one she waited for all these years.  Two dead foals in succession and then Lyra, makes her extra special and wanted.  I would hate to split them up or split up Lyra from Daisy.


Meanwhile, Lambie has taken up residence under a table in the sitting room.  He is loving his daily walks and is a fully paid-up member of our family, despite what my OH says.







3 thoughts on “Off to see the girls

  1. Terri

    I am always touched by the enduring relationship between Daisy and Lyra — how dear. You capture their reunions beautifully in your photographs. It is so kind of you to allow Vitamin to keep her long-awaited foal, now all grown-up. Your animals could not ask for a better owner. Regarding Lambie, I’m happy to see he’s thriving. And, btw, I think your OH is a gem to allow him in your abode!

  2. Michelle

    It warms my heart to see how you have embraced this lovely little orphan lamb. From previous comments on your blog I was convinced you hated sheep! 😉

  3. Sam

    Sometimes we have no say in who an animal falls in love with. In my case, it was our 1st Maine Coon Cat home for a visit to see if he would fit in the family. When he and my sister laid eyes on each other, the deed was done. They had fallen instantly and madly in love with each other. And did so 16 wonderful years.


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