A Lost (not-so) Little Lamb

I lost my Lambie today. I know I let him out into the big field first thing this morning. I remember that.

And then I went to take the dogs for a walk, and saw everyone but Lambie.  They were all sat down chewing their cud.

(there is ‘Ster in the distance)

They were all quite far apart from each other so I walked around the whole huge field looking for Lambie.

I even walked right up to the far end gate. I like to check it hasn’t opened as everyone could potentially escape into the open hill. This has happened.

I even put the sniffer dogs on the trail of the errant Lambie with absolutely no success.

So having searched and searched, I gave up hoping he was just hidden somewhere in the grass and would come home later.

Anyway, I had things to do – I decided to move the Old Men to Taktur and Dreki’s old field, so I can let this one grow back up for the winter.  It will be perfect for the Minions.

Once decided, I looked around for something to lead a horse with. I took off my canvas top (t-shirt underneath, don’t panic!) and wrapped it around Haakon’s neck. He is used to my improvisations and walked helpfully beside me, waited while I opened the gate and the others followed….

… and they all rushed off.  That’s how I like it.  I would’ve led Haakon with his chin hairs, but being summer, he hasn’t got any!

Anywho, this afternoon, upon my return from packing veg (my Thursday afternoon job), Lambie came home.

I have no idea where he had been but he was perfectly normal so I think I must’ve just missed him.

Well, normal enough for Lambie!

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