Dear Vitamin

Dear sweet Vitamin puts up with a lot.  Every day I bring her a bucket of food as I want her to put on weight ready for the next Shetland winter.  She lost so much with her teeth problems.

And this is Albie happening to be in the area, optimistic (or stupid) she will let him have her bucket of food.

She didn’t – she just kept her head down in the bucket eating knowing that if she took it out (to breathe) someone else might have a go at stealing it (good luck with that!)

So the “vultures” have to content themselves with going through the second bucket I bring. It is full of my necessary equipment.

It is duly trashed. There goes the headcollar, the sunscreen, the wee purple bucket, the water bottle, the teeth drench thingy etc.

Today Storm chose the little purple bucket.

Waffle and Fivla were sensibly keeping well away.

As was Silver.

I never let anyone steal Vitamin’s food. They don’t need it and she does.

But Albie is definitely on a hiding to nothing!  He never learns.

2 thoughts on “Dear Vitamin

  1. Sue Kelly

    Wishing Vitamin, you, and all your darling critters well; yesterday’s images of Lambie were darling.


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