A Little Lambie Update

This is the face of a sheep who asked not once, but twice today on two separate occasions, if he could go outside to pee.  I ❤️ this sheep. What a clever Lambie.

(studiously peeing like the professional he is)

The basics of housetraining have always been there, but sometimes Lambie does make mistakes and there have been quite a few recently.

But, hey, that’s what carpet cleaner is for, I tell myself.

Today, after introducing a coachload of visitors (seriously, a whole mahousive coachload) to the Minions, it started to rain so I decided to spend the afternoon in my shed doing my animation homework.

(Replacement Animation)

When Lambie hears me go into my shed, he pops his head out of his (two doors down) asking if he can join me and then gallops over, past the other two who always look a bit bewildered.

I have ordered Lambie a warm waterproof rug to wear as the summer is not making any appearance and he is still struggling.  I hope it arrives soon. Meanwhile, he has TurmerAid twice a day.  I am also looking at buying him a copper bracelet with magnets in which he could wear on his hoof.  A dog’s collar would have no effect when his wool starts growing back so I think a bracelet would be best.  I just need to find a child sized one as he has narrow legs.

As I type, Lambie is standing beside me, chewing his cud listening to Beethoven.

Others are indoors…… resting busily.

5 thoughts on “A Little Lambie Update

  1. Celeste

    Brave, smart little Lambie. I love your animation, very cool! And that shot of Monster: it looks like a renaissance painting. What a poser!

  2. Sam

    Monster is very comfy cozy indeed. Love how Lambie needs Muzzah still. And yes, carpet cleaner is a necessity when one has critters in the house.

  3. Gillian

    I was wondering if he is house trained. My sick hen, Deirde, gets out of her bed to poop outside it. With abrkken leg so that’s dedication. I never knew chickens did that, my pigs never pooped in their beds, so it makes sense. I think Lambie knows not that he is sheep.


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