To Town

I have been making sheep madly ever since I received a phone call on Friday saying Jamieson’s Shop in Lerwick had run out.  I make one sheep per evening but went into overdrive and managed two thus making a total flock of ten to herd in today.  These days demand is exceeding supply.  I expect once the tourist season dwindles then I can stockpile.

In my flock were two Lambies who I adore.  Working with his wool was an odd experience especially as he was mostly standing beside me sulking.

I also included three curly-wurlies made with the Wensleydale locks.

Anyway, my sheep are proving very popular and that is amazing. Each one is individual and I don’t like to think of them being churned out.  More made with love.

On my travels I spotted a beautiful boat moored along The Esplanade so I had to go over and have a look.  She is the “Storeggen av Ålesund” – a replica boat from Stiftinga Sunnmøre Museum, Ålesund, Norway.  I hope she sailed over in all her full glory.  She certainly stood out from the other boats.

I would’ve loved to go aboard but no one was around.  She took my breath away.

A few more messages like buying more combed tops from the Shetland Wool Brokers and then home.

A quick check and chat with Hetja who is now beginning to look ginormous.

And just because I can – many photos of the orchids that grow wild in the fields this time of year.




3 thoughts on “To Town

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Whilst I don’t write all the time, you just make my day with all that’s going on! Thanks.

  2. Sam

    Of course your Sheeple flew off the shelf – they are adorable. Sorry Hetja is in the Giant stage of pregnancy. Love your orchids.

  3. Linda Loba

    I had a feeling once the tourist season began, they’d fly off the shelf – congratulations!!
    Beautiful ship – reading the name reminds me of my Swedish mother…and
    Hang in there, Hetja…


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