Feets and Worms

A beautiful sunny Shetland afternoon so Floss and I made the most of it by visiting the Minions but today we were on a mission – we took wormer.

We successfully wormed everyone this time with nuclear wormer.  I am also learning the art of rasping hooves so wanted to start.  I reckon it is a useful skill to have and if I can do it without knackering my back, then all the better. With Floss on the helm (holding the headcollar), I successfully negotiated terms with Vitamin (a darling), Albie (getting better at it) and Silver (got his bottom smacked and then behaved nicely).  I tell myself and the ponies that it is not rocket science and if I can keep on top of their feet, so to speak, then I won’t have to rely on anyone else to do it.

Rasping hooves does, however, kill my back and that is just doing the ones who behave! I haven’t tackled Newt yet.  I will allocate a separate day for just him and his little ways!

The Minions’ reward for cooperating was time spent with us sitting on my coat hugging anyone who wanted.

No one held a grudge, so that was good!  I intend to succeed in this.

Anyway, to stretch out my back when I got home, I went for a dog walk with the chaps and got some odd looks from passers by.  I always love seeing folk do a double take as they drive past seeing me stand by the side of the road with three sheep with BeAnne on the lead (for the road bit).  It makes me laugh!


3 thoughts on “Feets and Worms

  1. Lisa

    Hi Frances! Are your Minions trained to stand on a pedestal? I am thinking if knew how to go up onto something and stand, they would be higher up and therefore easier on your back?

  2. Sam

    Do be careful of your tender back! Can someone else tackle Mr.Newt? And what is odd about three Sheeple taking a walk?


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