A Little Hill Saunter

I hate writing BeAnne health updates – especially if I am saying how well she is doing – because I swear she reads this blog and then her health takes an instant nose-dive and we end straight back at the vets in tears.

Anywho, deep breath, these are some photos from yesterday.

Her Maj, although now a bit of a heft, is still with us and, more importantly, enjoying life.

(possibly this photo is one of my most favourites – it sums her up perfectly)


And this is Her Maj running after a bunny she thought she saw (who knows).  Once a small dog known for her speed (think baked bean shot out of a canon – she was after all brought up by a very fast lurcher), BeAnne now appears to runs on the spot and is banana shaped – like a cartoon dog.  There is not much mileage covered anymore and absolutely no speed, but the enthusiasm is certainly there.   A joy to watch. She makes me smile.

Our forays into the hill are not very long and on the way back, I always say hello to the old men as we go passed their field.

Iacs with his Silly Frilly for his fans.

And I shouted “Oi, Piggy” and Haakon instantly looked up with his “yes? What do you want?” face!

So that’s us.  Please don’t read this blog BeAnne. I can’t face the downward slide now that I’ve said with a huge amount of trepidation, that you seem to be happy.

7 thoughts on “A Little Hill Saunter

  1. Dee Savage

    Frances, BeAnne is so cute. I adore her. How old is she now? I’m so glad she’s hanging in there and seems to be happy. You take such good care of your 4 legged wards.
    Give BeAnne a hug for me. I know she is loved. I always look for info about her in all your posts. Thanks for the update on her.

  2. Sam

    Nice to know Haakon thinks he is a pig. As for a certain round cannon ball after bunnies…carry on with what you are doing as it seems to be working. I have walked the chronic illness road before – take the joys where they come. The rest can wait. Happy Bunny hunting!

  3. Robin D Innes

    ME! ME!!! IACSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Silly billy frilly!!!!! MWAAAAA! And BeAnne? it goes without saying she’s the most loved!

  4. Linda

    That’s all we really want with our dogs, isn’t it – that they are happy. Remembering that they’re just going through life one moment at a time, and have no concept of aging, just doing what they (still) can do.
    We have to be happy/loving around them, otherwise they think something is wrong. Dogs will pick up your mood so easily…
    She’s happy, so you have to be happy; and if she’s not feeling so happy, that’s where the loving tenderness comes in.

    (Sorry this is so serious; I’ve been through this so many times, it just came pouring out)

  5. diane in northern wis

    Well, BeAnne looks great to me and I hope she’ll be feeling that way for quite a long time to come.
    The old men look pretty darn good too! Thanks for the pics!
    Where is that darned rabbit, do you suppose?


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