Got it Right (she types nervously)

Efstur was waiting at the gate saying “pick me, please pick me”.  So Daisy went and caught him as we wanted to try the last of the bits from The Bit Bank on him.

When I watch Daisy train Efstur, I take notes and hope I have half her ability.

The relationship these two have is lovely to watch.

Tacked up (with a small word about breaking the string he was tied up to) and off they went around the school to dispel any myths about Boggarts.

Onwards and upwards.

For the first time, Efstur settled quickly and went very nicely.  Today’s gait was trot – at this stage Daisy doesn’t push it and takes what Efstur offers.

Ears forward and a little Happy Face. That’s all anyone wants.

Offering an outline.

And this is what we hate.  Luckily it was brief.

He was quickly back to listening.

Daisy said this was the best Efstur had been – happy, relaxed and listening which means she now has a horse she can work with.  While he was previously busy sticking his hooves in his ears and shouting “La, la, la, I can’t hear you”, then all bets were off and there really was no point.

But Daisy’s peseverance, gathering of knowledge and scientific approach has (hopefully) achieved the right result.

One happy Efstur who can continue his education.

And so I watch these two, and I learn too.

While BeAnne looks for nasty things she can eat!

5 thoughts on “Got it Right (she types nervously)

  1. Sam

    Good to know the Boggarts have left the riding ring. And yes, watching Daisy and Efstur learn how to work as one is a sight for sore eyes. Even if her Maj is digging for illegal treats….

  2. darby callahan

    A lovely little horse. He seems to be enjoying his training thanks to Daisy’s skill. Such a soft expression. Also I like it that BeAnne can still be up to a bit of mischief.


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