A Milestone

A lovely morning and Daisy asked me to accompany her on foot while she rode Efstur for the first time outside in his new bit.  I took Haakon with me as a Steadying Influence for Efstur.

Haakon knew I had carrots in my pocketses!  He had sniffed them out.

And then he told Efstur I had carrots in my pocketses (while Daisy had one in her mouth to give Efstur as a reward for standing nicely while she mounted).  Haakon was on the carrot mission.  Stuff the steadying influence lark. He wanted a down payment!

We all set off.

Haakon’s left ear tuned into the vibrations of carrots in my pockets!  He never gives up and he never forgets.

We were quickly left behind.  Efstur has longer legs than me.

But, I was with my best friend, so we had a nice chat and followed along.

Onto the road.

Efstur and Daisy waited for us to catch up.  Stopping and waiting is an essential life skill for any young horse.

More blagging from Haakon. He does ask in the nicest way and it makes me laugh.

I think the smiles of these two says it all.  Efstur was a very good boy and he loved going out into the big bad world.  Best day ever!  He was very enthusiastic about everything.

A long walk home and Daisy dismounted.  Note, Haakon wanting his payment.

He got told to wait until we got home, ie we had all run out of carrots!

And then, when no one was watching and we were home, I gave my old horse a big handful of carrots as payment for his help as a Steadying Influence.  Payment received with thanks!

3 thoughts on “A Milestone

  1. diane in northern wis

    What a nice ride. I feel like I was going right along with you and Daisy. Both horses look beautiful. Do you ever give your horses apples or do they mostly like carrots? Looks like it was a beautiful day. Thanks for taking us along!

    1. Frances Post author

      Carrots. We have been given a large supply of baby carrots and they are perfect shape and size for keeping in pocket and posting into a mouth!


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