A Full Time Occupation

These are The Silage Bale Zombies.  They will stand forever, wait forever and even starve forever until the bale of silage is delivered.

I cannot fight the Bale Zombies.  I do not have the strength either physically or mentally and their determination is greater than mine.

BN2A8005 BN2A8009

There are, however, the Lesser Bale Zombies.

In this group are four darling Minions, two Grandes Dames and the Preggy Lady, Brá.

I prefer this group – they are much nicer about everything and grateful for anything.  Others demand, while these ponies ask.  I like that.  Peace and quiet without a bun-fight.


And then there are the Clearer-Uppperers.

These sheepie-peeps appear when the silage bale is delivered and is spilt when the wrapping is taken off.  They will make a clean plate.  No worries there.

BN2A8011-2 BN2A8012-2

These days. I seem to spend my days juggling the waitressing service so everyone gets a chance at the right food. Minions must not be hassled, Les Grandes Dames must not have to fight for food and the Preggy Lady must never be kicked.  It is a full time occupation.



2 thoughts on “A Full Time Occupation

  1. Linda

    I can see how it’s a full-time job for you! (especially keeping an eye on Bra).

    Love that “Still Life With Minions” photo!

  2. Terri

    Frankly, I don’t know how you do it. I’m sure they love and appreciate you in their own unique way. Kudos!


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