Someone is Home

The Bale Zombies stand around their God, The Bale.   It has been raining so everyone is full but bored of the rain.  Still they worship.


Floss (my youngest) came home yesterday, late afternoon, and today, having emerged from her pit, went outside to see the horses.  She misses them when she is south at university, but I can never persuade her to take them south with her.


Something about they would not be happy and there is no room for them – I forget as I don’t listen to excuses.


Klængur was very pleased to see his owner, as am I as it means this one off my list that I don’t have to ride.


She rode him around the school, reacquainting herself with his “little ways” and then tried to take some photos on her phone – amateur!


It is lovely to see them back together again. This is a good relationship


After their ride, I went out to see how everyone else was getting on.  The weather is dreich but it is not cold so no one was miserable.  In fact, Storm and Tiddles were very happy killing each other.

BN2A8096 BN2A8099

Everyone is a bit more smilier (is that actually a real word or phrase? – I don’t know – have had gin)


Life is good (apart from the mud – we hates the mud).


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