A First for Tiddles

Tiddles has been with us for 5 weeks now (he arrived on 24th November – I’ve just looked back). This is him on Day 1 being introduced to Storm.


Since then, he has been wormed twice (nil count yesterday) and had regular daily meals of hard food, a selection of warm dry waterproof rugs, shelter, a 30 acre field and ad lib hay.

And, today, I think I can see a difference.  As well as his shape, it is in his eyes.  He is interested in his surroundings.  He interacts with the others and is starting to investigate.


Of course having his Big Nuncle Storm around helps.  He follows Storm about religiously.  They are not separated and Storm has given up being Pol Pot, which has helped their relationship.


Things I have discovered about Tiddles – he is determined, he still bucks but I can pick up each of his feet one at a time now, he loves his bum being scratched and he is what I would describe “slow and steady”.  He does not hurry for anyone.


There is a definite difference and of course now he is “One of Us”.


I left a camera on while I went to muck out their shed to see what they get up to in my absence.

And then I slowed down a section and noticed that Tiddles was playing for the first time. I realise that to some it might look like nothing is happening but it is a tiny flicker of interest and that is enough for me to realise he is changing.

Yes, it brought tears to my eyes.




4 thoughts on “A First for Tiddles

  1. bigears

    it’s lovely when you can see they are relaxing and beginning to act ‘normally’ as they feel safe – when I saw Suze playing for the first time, it was so rewarding as she was so shut down before.

  2. Terri

    I think he feels safe and loved. How could he be interested in playing when he didn’t feel physically good and was unhappy and excluded? So glad he’s one of the bunch now (and that Storm has learned to be a good big brother). Give yourself a pat on the back! :))

  3. Linda Loba

    Oh a big Hooray for Tiddles! Could the worms have just really sapped his energy so very much, and now he’s rid of them and gaining strength? That’s so heartening to see (and hear) how much better he’s doing!
    (and a bunch of bum-scratches to Storm for mellowing out and becoming Tiddles’ friend. )


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